Apex 3 is now available | This page will be updated soon.

APEX 3, The all in one checker.

It's now easier than ever to recover your lost website accounts. Just load a combolist and some proxies, pick the site configs you want to check and away you go.

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Multiple Configs

Apex currently includes over 30 site configs and more will be added on a regular basis.

Simultaneous Checking

With Apex you can select multiple site configs and have them check for accounts at the same time.

Proxy Support

You can use HTTP/S, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxies with Apex.

Auto-Saving Hits

Apex saves hits automatically, each config will save a text file containing the hits it found.

Hit Filtering

You can search through your hits or filter them with a range of options.

Proxy Grabber

You can get a list of HTTP/S proxies to use with Apex using the Proxy Grabber, it's simple and quick.