Apex 3 is now available | This page will be updated soon.

What does Apex do?

A simple toolkit to help recover your accounts in case you forget your login credentials. Apex includes a number of modules to make it easy to check multiple sites at once.


The config list is increasing on a regular basis but at the time of writing this (Nov 15 2018) there are currently 31 configs. You can view the full list here
At the time of writing this (Nov 15 2018) all the configs are currently working but if you notice one is down then please let me know.
Apex supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies.
I have a full time job so time is tight but I will update Apex as often as I can with bug fixes and new features.
Apex will check for updates on startup and if one is available then it will be downloaded in a .zip file.
You can use Apex on multiple PC's but you can only run it on one PC at a time.
Yes but it is not really recommended.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1

Windows 7 or Later.

Experience with combolists and proxies, if you don't know what a combolist/proxylist is then please don't message me as it's clear this app is not ideal for you.


The author of this program and website is not responsible for any illegal use of Apex.